Is your puppy whining, whimpering and crying?

The DoGoodDoggy Method teaches you everything that you need to know to condition your puppy to become a calmer and less anxious dog.

Calm your puppy in seconds

Foundational training that will last a lifetime

Transform your puppy in 35 days

What we cover?

Printable templates & challenges for you:


Puppy age milestones

Emergency dog contact sheet

Dog foods to avoid

Puppy sleep tracking

Puppy socialisation challenge

New puppy checklist

Ready to transform your puppy?

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What our customers say

Within a week he was going to the toilet outside and not in the house anymore. It has also helped so much with crying through the night and sleeping. He is a pro now.

Aly, Sydney

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Its my first time having a puppy, DoGoodDoggy is a lifesaver, he sleeps at night and pee's & poops in the right spot

Kate, Newcastle

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