House Training a Puppy

The key to successful house training is consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement. You can begin house training as soon as your puppy comes home with you by establishing a routine and rewarding them for good behaviour. 

Establish a routine


  • Take your puppy outdoors to use the bathroom at similar times each day that suits your own routine (for example 7 am, 12 pm, 7 pm). Your puppy should also have access to a toilet area indoors.
  • Look out for signs that your puppy is about to pee or poop (typically they will begin to sniff around and squat down), and quickly correct them by putting them on the correct toilet area before they have the chance to make the mistake.

Use positive reinforcement and rewards

  • Rewards are essential for house training to give your puppy a positive incentive to want to use the bathroom in the correct spot again.
  • When your puppy relieves themselves in the correct spot (a dog toilet grass mat, toilet training pads, or an allocated outdoor area) it is important to give them plenty of verbal praise and suitable dog treats.
  • It is important to reward your puppy during or immediately after they have done their business so that they remember what they are being rewarded for.

Mistakes happen

  • Remember that your puppy is still learning and it is important not to punish them for making a toilet mistake.
  • If they do have an accident, it is important to disinfect and thoroughly clean up the area to minimise any lingering urine smell – as a lingering smell may result in repeat mistakes in that same spot.
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