Puppy Arrival

Welcoming a New Pup into Your Home

Just a few more days and you will soon be bringing home your new pup! How excited you probably are!

Have you bought all the basic supplies? Do you have enough puppy food to last for weeks? Is your home pet-proof already?

If your answer is yes to all of these, then you are prepared for your new pooch! Just one more question, though: what is your plan when your puppy finally arrives?

You see, caring for a puppy requires hard work, especially during the transition period. You don’t just bring one into your home and expect it to adapt quickly and easily to a strange environment. Remember, canines are creatures of routine and habit. This is why you should have a game plan prepared upon puppy arrival.

There are three important steps you should follow the moment you welcome a new pooch into your home: take a few days off work, feed your dog the right food, and train it immediately.

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Take Time Off

Puppies are usually six to eight weeks of age when they are finally allowed to be brought home by their new owners. This means that before adoption, they have never been separated from their mother and siblings. This makes moving into an unfamiliar place with a strange group of people very stressful for them. As a new dog parent, you should play an active role in making sure your little furball feels right at home. To do this, take a couple of days off work so you can focus fully on your dog.

The first week with your pup will be both very exciting and exhausting. For one, you will need to introduce it to everyone in your family, including your other pets. You will also need to get it used to you calling out its name and hearing your voice. Sometimes, it may bark or whimper due to being away from its family. In such a case, ignore it, but praise it or offer it a treat when it stops. Eventually, your new pet will get used to your presence. However, it can take your pup six weeks or more before adjusting to your home.

Puppy Arrival
Puppy whining

Feed It Well

Your puppy will likely be weaned by the time you adopt it. If you are buying from a breeder, they might give you a few days’ worth of dog food to take home. They might even provide you with a diet sheet that lets you know how much to feed your pooch and when.

For the first few days, follow your breeder’s instructions when it comes to food choices and intake. Later on, you can switch to a puppy formula that is recommended for your pooch’s size and age. It is important that you choose nutrient-rich foods that have the right amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. If you are uncertain of what to feed your furball, consult with your vet or follow the feeding guidelines on your dog’s food pack.

Puppies that have been weaned from their mothers can be fed solid food. However, make sure that you give yours soft foods, like canned and dehydrated goods. Should you choose to feed your canine kibbles, first soften them up with warm water. Finally, avoid toxic foods like onions, garlic, macadamia nuts, and chocolate.

Train It Right Away

The day you bring your pooch home is when training should begin. This is because dogs need to solidify and strengthen their skills at an early age. Otherwise, they will become difficult to train.

At seven to eight weeks old, your pooch should be taught basic commands like sit, stay, and come. Additionally, it should be used to being touched by you. You can teach your dog to be comfortable around you by rubbing its ears and paws, then rewarding it for every job well done.
At eight to 10 weeks of age, you can start leash training your pup. Begin by making it wear a collar or harness around the house for a few minutes a day. Once it is comfortable wearing one, slowly increase the duration.

Other important things to teach your pup are how to use a crate and where to urinate and defecate. For some dogs, these are easy to learn. For others, however, these are not. This is because not all breeds are the same. While dogs are generally smart, some are born stubborn. This is why training a dog is one of the most challenging things a canine owner ever has to deal with. Luckily, there is a team of world-class dog trainers to help them.

Puppy whining

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