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The DoGoodDoggy Method™ is a simple yet effective foundational training method in raising your puppy.

Developed through training thousands of puppies & breeders. Our 35 day transformation program is a tried & tested approach to fast track your dog’s success.

DoGoodDoggy Method™ Can Help You To:

Communicate with your puppy

Create foundations that can last a lifetime

Calm your dogs in seconds

Remove toilet training headaches

Prevent anxiety & aggression

Put your puppy
on track

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What our customers say

Within a week he was going to the toilet outside and not in the house anymore. It has also helped so much with crying through the night and sleeping. He is a pro now.

Aly, Sydney

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Its my first time having a puppy, DoGoodDoggy is a lifesaver, he sleeps at night and pee's & poops in the right spot

Kate, Newcastle

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