Online Puppy Training

As soon as you bring home your puppy, they will begin to learn from you and their new environment.

The first few weeks of your puppy’s life are a crucial part of their development and behavioural learning. While enrolling your puppy in an in-person training class is definitely a good idea, reputable and responsible trainers.



Learn at your own pace, in your own time, for as long as you want.

Train Your Puppy in Just 5 Minutes a Day
With Our Fun & Easy To Follow Online Video Series Course

DoGoodDoggy is a 5 week online puppy training course for owners who want to start training their puppy as soon as they are brought home. That means that you don’t need to delay training for weeks, giving your puppy a head start.

DoGoodDoggy gives you and your puppy a fun and easy-to-follow training program in a blend of easily digestible videos and light reading material. Over the course of the 35-day plan, you and your puppy will build trust and bond with each other as you learn the skills to encourage better behaviour in your puppy.

Perfect Foundations For Your Puppy To Grow

With DoGoodDoggy, your dog will be ready and willing to learn as much as you are willing to teach them. This online puppy training course is designed to be used by everyday people and families, giving anyone the skills to train their puppy, even if they have no prior experience.

Good dogs start with the right foundations

Consistency and positive reinforcement are the two main keys to successfully training your puppy. Early training with DoGoodDoggy provides the perfect foundations for your puppy to grow into a gentle and well-behaved adult dog.

Some of the topics that DoGoodDoggy training teaches

12 Modules | 49 Lessons

12 Modules | 49 Lessons

12 Modules | 49 Lessons

Watch Training Videos On-Demand

You can watch all our training videos on-demand so that you can progress at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our Gold and Platinum members will also have access to downloadable puppy templates and challenges.

We also offer a DoGoodDoggy training wristband for easily accessible treats available at all times when training, whether you’re at home or on the go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The DoGoodDoggy training method is suitable for puppies up to 1 year of age. It’s never too early or too soon to start training, and our online training video course allows you to start training as soon as your puppy comes home with you. Start teaching your puppy positive habits today for a happy dog tomorrow!

What treats should I use in my DoGoodDoggy wristband?

We recommended natural beef liver dog treats (or similar), or your dog’s usual premium grain-free kibble. If uncertain, always ask your vet what they recommend for you specific breed.

How do I train my dog?

The DoGoodDoggy Method will help you transform your dog in 35 days. Check out our How to Train A Dog page for the best dog training techniques!

How can I train my puppy?

The DoGoodDoggy Method will teach you everything you need to know to be well equipped in taking home a puppy. Check out our How to Train A Puppy page for tips and tricks for your new puppy!

The DoGoodDoggy Method has been designed over 35 lessons to make the learning journey easier for both you and your pup. Limiting changes to only a few at a time will see the best success, otherwise it can be overwhelming for both you and puppy. In saying this, you can certainly do the whole course in a quicker time frame, and introduce the learnings to your pup when ready.

There are 35 lessons designed to be watched at your own pace. For most families, this will take place over the course of around 1 month for just a few minutes per day. You are given unlimited access which means you can rewatch videos and reread the written part of lessons whenever needed.

This is the prime time to purchase the program – either prior to, or as soon as you get your puppy. By purchasing the program before you get your puppy, you will have a little extra time to prepare your home for your puppy’s arrival