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Puppy School & Online Dog Training

With DoGoodDoggy your dog will be ready and willing to learn as much as you are willing to teach them.

The early stages of your puppy’s life are the most important phase of developmental and behavioural learning. DoGoodDoggy training provides the perfect foundations before you continue training and rewarding good behaviour into their older years.

Please note that any responsible puppy school will generally require puppies to be vaccinated before they can attend. DoGoodDoggy is the perfect training program that will mean that you don’t need to wait weeks until you can start training your puppy.

How to Find A Good Puppy School


A good puppy school should:

  • Use teaching methods that encourage ‘rewarding’ for good behaviour when applicable, rather than ‘punishing’ for bad behaviour
  • Show commitment to ongoing education
  • Focus on socialisation with other dogs and people
  • Provide information regarding health, diet, grooming, and exercise
  • Address any issues, such as barking or jumping
  • Teach housetraining skills, obedience training, and basic commands (i.e. sit)
  • Give toilet training tips
  • Provide owners with the knowledge to continue maintaining training
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