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The DoGoodDoggy™ Method helps even first-time dog owners train their puppies to be well-behaved, obedient, and gentle.

Encouraging your buyers to sign up for DoGoodDoggy is the best way to ensure that both your buyers and your puppies are happy and content in their new homes. RPBA Members and their buyers have access to a 7-day free trial with the DoGoodDoggy™ Method.

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Address common puppy issues at an early stage

Begin foundational training

Puppy whining
Puppy whining

Transform your puppy in 35 days

Give your puppies the best start to their lives:

Program comes with printable templates and challenges for your puppy including:

Puppy whining
Puppy whining

Are you ready to join a community of 10,000s of happy dog owners?


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Puppy age milestones

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Emergency dog contact sheet

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Dog foods to avoid

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Puppy sleep tracking

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Puppy socialisation challenge

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New puppy checklist

Ready to transform your puppy?

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Gold Package


I highly recommend this puppy training course to ensure that your new puppy gets the very best start to life. As an RPBA member, all of my puppies have access to this FREE 7-day training course.

DoGoodDoggy goes through everything you need to know to train your puppy; from toilet training, to socialisation, and so much more.


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Join a community of thousands of happy dog owners!

Futureproof your dog’s behaviour and habits for years to come with DoGoodDoggy.