Online Dog Training Course

Founded by dog lovers, for dog lovers. Our mission is to make training your dog from home as simple and easy as possible.

Course Description

The ultimate key to dog training, old or young, is consistency and positive reinforcement. Designed with everyday people and families in mind, even first-time dog owners will be able to train their puppy from home – no prior experience necessary!

DoGoodDoggy is a fun, affordable, and easy to follow training experience for you and your puppy. Build trust and bond with your puppy with our training program which gives you the skills to train your puppy from day one and beyond. The essential skills and positive behaviours that you and your puppy learn with our online training course can be used throughout their lifetime.

With DoGoodDoggy, we give you access to an easy to follow 35-day plan which will help your puppy grow into a happy, healthy, well behaved and good-natured dog. The training module is a blend of easy to watch videos and reading materials.

Our Platinum members will also have access to downloadable puppy templates and challenges.